CSJ Chapters

Welcome CSJ Chapter Applicants!

We are very excited about your commitment to the development of counseling as a social justice activism and your interest in forming a chapter. CSJ and the membership committee are committed to building an efficient and quality application process. Currently, we have a process in place for CSJ University Chapters. State/branch chapter application processes will be available soon.

Question or feedback?

Please email the CSJ Membership Committee at Membership.CSJ@gmail.com. This email address is checked at least every 14 days.

Starting a University Chapter

If you are interested in moving forward with a CSJ chapter, we have three requests for you:
1. Review the following information

3. Email the following documents to Membership.CSJ@gmail.com with “CHAPTER APPLICATION” in the subject line:

  • 1. Signed Chapter Agreement
  • 2. Counselors for Social Justice Organization Constitution
After all of your application has been approved, your chapter will receive confirmation of your chapter as active. Your chapter will remain active for one year.

Maintaining a CSJ University Chapter

In order to maintain the affiliation as a CSJ University Chapter, each chapter will complete an Annual Report to provide updated information about your chapter, your accomplishments, and your goals. The Annual Report Form is due September 30th.

Current CSJ Chapter Organization Information

**Additional chapter information coming soon

University of Arizona

Counselors for Social Justice – University of Arizona (CSJ-UA)

Contact: csjarizona@gmail.com

Boise State University CSJ
This is a student chapter of CSJ (advised by Dr. Aida Midgett) involved in bullying reduction trainings at middle schools, therapeutic boarding program, LGBTQ safe zone training, recruiting counseling students to attend film screenings related to social justice issues, working with the homeless population in Boise, participated in the NAMI walk, helping with the “dreamers” campaign (supporting children of undocumented  residents in Idaho who have to pay out of state tuition even though they have resided in Idaho their entire lives), and are beginning to meet with Idaho Legislators through the Idaho Counseling Association. A recent version of their newsletter can be found here – Boise State CSJ Newsletter May 2014. Please contact Dr. Midgett to learn more – aidamidgett@boisestate.edu.


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