The mission of Counselors for Social Justice is to work to promote social justice in our society through confronting oppressive systems of power and privilege that affect professional counselors and our clients and to assist in the positive change in our society through the professional development of counselors.

History of CSJ
Click here for a working history of Counselors for Social Justice.

CSJ Bylaws

CSJ Bylaws Adopted 3-16-2017


Jane Goodman – President
Rita Chi-Ying Chung – Past President
Rachael Goodman– President-Elect
Cheryl Sawyer -Treasurer
Judy Daniels – Governing Council Representative
Robin Landwehr – Communication Officer
Lauren Shure – Secretary
Joseph Williams – Counselor Representative
Anna Flores Locke – Community Representative
Michael Hutchins – Retiree Representative
Desa Daniels – Student Representative

Past Presidents
1999-2001 A. Michael Hutchins
2001-2002 Azara Santiago-Rivera
2002-2003 Sandra Lopez-Baez
2003-2004 Farah Ibrahim
2004-2005 Stuart Chen-Hayes
2005-2006 Vivien McCullough
2006-2007 Edil Torres-Rivera
2007-2008 Hugh Crethar
2008-2009 Eric Green
2009-2010 Michael D’Andrea
2010-2011 Judy Daniels
2011-2012 Manivong Ratts
2012-2013 Rhonda Bryant
2013-2014 Selma Yznaga
2014-2015 Fred Bemak
2015-2016 Rita Chi-Ying Chung