We are migrating!

At CSJ, we have been busy at work creating a new website and we’re excited to reveal it over the next couple weeks. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Counseling-csj.org is still where you’ll find us! We’ll just look a little different
  2. But we will NO LONGER be a WordPress.com blog, so if you are following the blog to keep up with us, thank you for being loyal followers! Please continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep getting our updates and get your RSS feeds (i.e. Feedly, Innoreader) ready for the new website!
  3. Please bear with us as we make the change because this will include both a new site and new email addresses
  4. Enjoy our new site with all the same great content and new ways to:
    1. Nominate your peers for awards
    2. Apply for grants
    3. Keep up with upcoming events
    4. Find information and resources on social justice issues

Thank you again for your continued support! Stay tuned, bear with us, and we look forward to seeing you at our new site. For any questions as we migrate, please continue to email us at counseling.csj@gmail.com

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