Call for Papers: JSACP

Call for Papers: Journal for Social Action in Counseling & Psychology

Mission: Founded in 2007, the mission of the Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology (JSACP) is to promote deep reflection on community change and system transformation in which counselors, psychologists, and other human service professionals play a role. This open access journal aims to highlight ‘engaged scholarship’ and the very important social change work done by professionals and activists that would not normally find its way into publication. The journal attempts to break down the divide between theory and practice in one of the most critical areas of our work: social transformation toward social and ecological justice and peace. This journal features action oriented articles, meaning manuscripts that discuss actual work (e.g., advocacy, activism, research, policy formulation and implementation, training, legislation) that has been conducted by the submitting author(s) and not proposed work or simple conceptualizations of issues. JSACP features four unique sections:
· Activism and Advocacy
· Education and Training
· Policy and Theory
· Program Development and Evaluation

How to submit? Articles submitted to JSACP are subjected to a masked review. We currently accept articles in English and Spanish. There are no deadlines to submit a manuscript. To submit an article and to learn more about the journal, visit:

Publication costs: As a fully open access journal, all articles are available free of charge on the journal website and there are no submission fees.

Co-Editors: Lawrence H. Gerstein, Ph.D., Ball State University
Pamela Valera, Ph.D., The Rutgers University – The State University of New Jersey

Sponsors: Counselors for Social Justice & Psychologists for Social Responsibility

Publisher: Ball State University Center for Peace & Conflict Studies

For further information:

Follow us on: Facebook (@Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology) and Twitter (@JSACP)

Abstracting and Indexing information:
Academic Search Complete (EBSCO Publishing)
ArticleFirst (OCLC)
Educational Research Abstracts
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection (EBSCO Publishing)
SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO Publishing)

ISSN 2159-8142

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