CSJ Official

Our CSJ Division Community has been up and running on ACA Connect for the past two months. We hope that you find this forum useful and that it will continue to help us increase communication and connection among CSJ members. Given that we are now using the ACA Connect system, the CSJ Board has voted to move communications to this system and end the use of our listserv (COUNSELORS-SOCJUST-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU). We want to give a very special thanks Dr. Edil Torres Rivera, long time administrator of the listserv, for providing this service to the CSJ community – it is much appreciated! Using the ACA Connect system enables members to be added or removed automatically as they join or leave CSJ, making it easier for us to ensure that we are reaching all of our members. It also provides us with a space to have discussions and share documents/information.  For members who are “division only” CSJ members, our Communications Officer will forward you the “CSJ Official” notifications via email since ACA Connect is only accessible to ACA members.

As a reminder, here are some details about using the CSJ Division Community on ACA Connect:

As a member of the CSJ Division and of ACA, you are automatically a member of the CSJ Division Community. We invite members to use this platform to discuss social justice in counseling, share resources, and connect with one another.  CSJ leadership will also use it to provide information about CSJ initiatives and other activities.

You will receive a daily round-up of all of the messages posted from the prior day. If at any point you would like to stop receiving these messages, simply visit your Community Notifications page and select “No Email”. There is also an option to receive messages in “real time” instead of in digest format (the daily round-up) if you prefer. Email our community manager at community@counseling.org with any questions or concerns.

Please note that “CSJ OFFICIAL” at the start of the subject line will indicate that the post is official CSJ business posted by a CSJ Board member, such as award notices or conference updates.

Please enjoy any holidays you celebrate at this time of year

Jane Goodman
April 18 – December 15
715 Wimbleton Drive
Birmingham, MI 48009
December 15 – April 25
5591 Gulf of Mexico Drive # 8
Longboat Key, FL 34228

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